The soup infographic

So, in the last months I have been working on my own project within my EVS in Bologna. Every volunteer has the right (not the obligation though) to develop their own project as a part of the main one they are doing during their voluntary service.

Since I’m a graphic designer, I have decided to use my skills and prepare something I always wanted to do, but never had a good enough idea to create: an infographic.

To explain the thing shortly — it’s a visual representation of data revolving around a specific topic. It can be presented in various ways, starting from charts that you can create in Microsoft Excel and ending with complex graphic designs consisting of various information and containing a layout created specifically for this purpose.

My infographic is an attempt on reflecting the information about all the previous editions of Festival della Zuppa in Bologna. It has taken me a lot of time to gather all the data as I had to go through the archives (that were not always very well organised) and find all the numbers I needed. But it gave me also a lot of satisfaction as I was discovering how many soups were presented each year and finding out about the European projects that my association took part in along with organisations from Germany, France and Spain.

Finally I had everything I needed to present the development of the festival throughout the years. I added my own knowledge of the topic regarding this year’s edition, putting in also some interesting facts about how many litres of coffee we drunk during organisational meetings and so on.

Following all this, I can now present you with the fruit of my work (click to see the full size):

Click to see the full size