What the… name?

The name of this blog requires some explanation.

So, I have actually been to Italy before several times now and in different places. And there was a time, this past summer, when I took a walk with one of the natives, Anna, who also happens to be my girlfriend. We planned to go to this place on the beach that she remembered from her childhood, but there was a problem: due to some fires in the area and protection of nature, the place was closed to visitors. Being rebels that we are, we walked around the fence and went there anyway. There were also other people doing that (like it could explain us in any way…). But after some nice time that we spent there, the guardia forestale arrived. It’s one of many kinds of police they have in Italy, that protects country’s natural resources. And so, we were basically screwed. But the policemen were actually nice and even though they noted our names (well, for me it was only my nationality and name, which had to be spelled letter by letter, since it’s… well, Polish), they didn’t give us a ticket, but just a warning. Then they sent us on our way — but not the way we took before: a longer, MUCH longer one around the whole area, through the countryside.

un sentiero alberato
un sentiero alberato

And just to make it clear: we walked on the beach, so we only had flip-flops and we were in bikinis (ok, I was not, but that’s another story). And this is when we took un sentiero alberato, a wooded path (I learned those words in that exact moment). It was crazy hot, it took us around 1,5 hour to get back home walking in those conditions and we were pissed off because of all the people passing us by on bikes. But we made it! And after that I was proud to say, that I had a true Italian experience: I messed up with the police!

So, that’s the reason why I chose those words for a blog title. The story reminds me of all the hilarious things that happened to me in Italy and makes a good starting point for my Italian adventure starting from October.
And let it also be a warning…