Da questa parte, prego!

The soup festival finished more than one month ago and I promised myself that after that I will take some days off in order to really enjoy the fact I’m in Italy. And so I did: I went first to Rome for 4 days and then to Sicily for a week (yes, I’m trying to excuse myself for not writing here for a month).

While I decided that I’m not a big fan of Rome (even though I enjoyed some of the sites I visited), I have discovered that I’m crazy about Sicily. Me and A., we went to visit one of my EVS friends, that is doing her project in Catania and while we were there, we also took time to travel around. In this way we were able to visit many places, among which Taormina, Aci Castello & Aci Trezza, Siracusa and Palermo.

A view to Etna an the eastern coast from Taormina
A view to Etna and the eastern coast of Sicily from Taormina

When I was walking around trying to understand and grasp the Sicilian accent (well, more like: trying to understand anything at all), A. was mostly struck by the low prices of basically everything. In fact, one of the highlights of our whole trip was the visit to a market (and later on also to a fish market), where basically a kilo of whatever fruit or vegetable costed 1€. And in the mornings we were always suprised when we were walking out of a bar with a pastry as big as my head, a coffee or a bottle of water, paying not more than 1,50€ for everything. So yes, when I’m rich and I can do whatever I want, I’m gonna buy myself a house somewhere in Sicily (preferably close to the sea) and I’m gonna spend every spring there (you heard me: spring).

And having that beautiful picture in mind, I leave you with a video I made at the market in Catania. They could sing opera with those voices!

Fun fact: in Palermo people thought I’m from Milan judging from my accent while speaking Italian. Ci sono quasi! ;)