Traditional Polish pierogi with sauerkraut&mushroom filling / photo courtesy of AMS

Once again I have been silent for a while (blog-wise), but I have good reasons for it. As the photos from the last post suggest, I’ve been travelling a bit. First I went to an EVS volunteer training in Rimini, then there was Christmas and New Year’s that I spent in Ravenna and after that I went back to Bologna for a couple of days before leaving for Poland for 10 days. Throughout this time I’ve been posting a bit to Facebook which is so much easier to update, since (as can be seen on multiple examples) it doesn’t require much thinking.

So, if you have been there (to this blog’s Facebook page), you might have figured out that I’ve been forced invited to cook some traditional Polish dishes served on a Christmas table. I teamed up with basically the whole family of my girlfriend and together we prepared barszcz czerwony z uszkamipierogi and makówka for Christmas Eve’s dinner. The next day I could enjoy a true Italian Christmas Day’s lunch with such delicacies as cappelletti, lasagne, stracotto and more. All of this was followed by torrone and pan d’oro as dessert.

Long story short, I’ve gained two kilos over the Christmas period. And then I went to Poland where nothing worth sharing happened.

A lot of surprising news were waiting for me after my return. Firstly, we are no longer two volunteers in the project. Due to series of events the other volunteer left and I’m now the only volunteer in the organization. Following this a decision has been made to change my mentor in the project. Now the situation is a bit hectic as we are reorganizing our works.

I got back directly into the middle of preparations for one of the next parties we’re going to host at il b.u.c.o.: Be Your Style. I have designed a poster for it and got in contact with our co-hosts from Stile Libero football team. It’s going to be a second party I’m responsible for since October (the first one being I Love Touch). After it I should maybe add another area of expertise to my resume: women’s sports party management.